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Why Should You Uncover Your Past Life?

Many of my clients come to me for help in the future or in the past. They either want to evolve to the destination they’ve envisioned or heal an area of their life that still feels unresolved.

About half of the time, I don’t do past-life regression because the core of their issues originated from this lifetime. It is easy to pinpoint it once I hear their history because of the frequency of old patterns repeating themselves. It’s difficult for the client to see because they are so deeply immersed in the emotionality of the situation that it prevents them from accessing their logical side to see the harm clearly. Within a few sessions, I can determine if we need to do the healing work in the present or if there is a need to go back to a cell memory from their past life that is calling for them to bring closure to it.

I have a person I’m working with now that is in the throes of trying to decide whether or not to make the separation with his wife final or if he wants to work on it again. He is absolutely pulled with feelings of deep love for her even though there has been emotional turmoil and a great deal of angst throughout the marriage.

He decided to do past-life regression to see if a connection existed between them in the past. Well, you know what we found? He not only had one, but five past lifetimes with her! And each time his wife had saved his life in a physical sense. When we went between lifetimes and he accessed his spirit guide that he recognized through meditation, it was communicated to him that it was his time to save his wife emotionally in this lifetime. This was the pull he had been feeling so strongly to try to work on the marriage once more.

This information became crucial as he made his choices. He still has free will in making the decision to try it again, but now he was able to understand why he felt this enormous pull to try it again.

Are you feeling pulled for some unknown reason towards someone or something? Do you want to understand more about it?

We would love to have you join us on this soul awakening journey and with the live presentations, small group soul work, daily teaching videos and group past-life regression, you too can create an awareness for yourself on what those reasons are that are intuitively calling to you.


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