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Meet Your Retreats Hosts!


Hi, I'm Petey Silveira LMFT

As a spiritual teacher, coach, licensed marriage & family therapist, public speaker, past-life regression expert and author, I want to show you how to access healing at a soul level. I have unlocked how every one of us can create healing through identifying our individual soul lessons and using different modalities of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection to create lasting transformation. With over 36 years of experience, I have successfully guided thousands of clients into their past lives to heal negative cell memory imprints. I am also the founder of the Soul Learners Membership and co-host of the Therapy Unfiltered podcast with my daughter Sarah.

Hi, I’m Sarah Burnett (she/her/hers)!  LMHC

An experienced transformational coach, licensed mental health counselor, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher and co-host of the Therapy Unfiltered podcast with my amazing mom Petey! I feel passionate about helping you clear the negative emotions and limiting self-beliefs associated with past painful experiences through various memory reconsolidation techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. Once released, your mind, body and spirit is now free to manifest healthy, positive and joyful patterns and relationships. The transformation is simply beautiful.

_Petey & Sarah  Orlando Brand photographer   Images by Amalie Orrange of The Branded Boss
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