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"Petey and Sarah were phenomenal. They are a dynamic duo like none else. I personally cannot get enough of either one of them and just love being the recipient of their teachings."

"The overall experience of the Sat Nam retreat was in one word, Inspiring. Each experience was like a treat for your soul"

"I came into this retreat looking for connection and clarity and that is exactly what I got. This was the most supportive, encouraging and empowering group of women I have ever met."

"My favorite part of this retreat was just being submerged in the healing space that was opened to us…The past-life regression with Petey was powerful, and I had a deep emotional release and connected with the unconditional love of my soul."

"This was a very powerful, transformative and overall great retreat! Petey and Sarah did such a great job of assembling and bringing everything together. Not only did I love this experience but sharing it with 16 other powerful women made it that much more special."

"It's been almost 1 month since the retreat and what I felt during this session is still with me... a sense of contentment and peace, of knowing more about who I am and why I am here. I was amazed and walked away from the weekend recharged... with more compassion and clarity than I've had in years."

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