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What Is Past-Life Regression?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Let’s really explore past-life regression and reincarnation. I thought it best to start here, “What is past-life regression?”

The definition of past-life regression is, “a technique that uses hypnotherapy to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others may regard them as unconscious stories designed to create healing for the conscious mind. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting.”

When I’m talking with clients I describe past-life regression as the process of hypnotherapy that allows your conscious to move to the back of your mind while your subconscious can move to the front. This allows your soul to move back through time to show you past lives that are important for you to see.

Some of the regressions are solely for the purpose of healing negative cell imprints that have energetically traveled through time and space to cause heaviness or dysfunction in some part of your mind, body and spirit in this lifetime. Doing the healing work to free you from this negative imprint is as crucial to your psyche as finding the key to unlock the door to your path and purpose in this lifetime.

Unless there is healing in this space known as past-life regression, then you cannot create new patterns that are positive and nurturing to your mind, body and spirit. Once the healing has taken place there is a “lightness” felt. They not only feel lighter, but they actually look lighter. Their vibration has now been elevated from the lower vibration emotions such as fear, anger, abandonment, guilt, etc.

I did a past-life regression with a woman last week that spoke to this very same feeling. She came with presenting symptoms of feeling as though she was trapped in every place of her life. She felt trapped by her job with its negativity and hostile environment. She felt trapped by the same cycle of unfulfilling relationships that she had experienced her whole life. At times, she even felt trapped in her role as a single mother even as much as she loved her child. She also felt trapped in her feelings of not being able to find her passion in this lifetime.

As I regressed her in time and directed her to go back to the source of where these negative cell memories were first imprinted, she went back to the 19th century in Scotland where she was in a dark house. She was the caretaker for the children of the man that was sitting in the same room. She immediately began to cry as she spoke about the daily beatings he gave her and how much they hurt. She felt completely TRAPPED in this place. She was in her twenties, had no family or friends around, no money and no means to leave. As I moved her forward in that lifetime and eventually to her death, she was only in her thirties when this man she was the servant of killed her with a knife and stabbed her in the chest.

There was so much healing that needed to happen from this lifetime. When I asked her to see her soul rising out of her body upon her death, she couldn’t. She felt stuck and again trapped by her inability to leave this lifetime. After some healing and processing time, she was finally released from this lifetime. The next part of the healing we needed to do was forgiveness work for HERSELF.

A lot of people might think that she would have to actually forgive this man to heal. But the crucial part from this lifetime was her inability to forgive herself for NOT leaving and staying TRAPPED until her actual death. She was reluctant to forgive herself, and it took quite a lot of work for her to come to this healing place.

When I saw her again the following week, it was as if she looked 10 years younger. She had a lighter and brighter aura about her, and she said people actually had commented all week on how much lighter she seemed. Nothing else had changed in her life….ONLY the fact that she had done this one session!

Stay with me as we speak of the value of doing past-life regression and the stories you might learn from. There may be some stories where you have a real deja vu experience and if so, something very similar probably happened to you!

On this cruise you will experience a group past-life regression for yourself. While you’re in a relaxed hypnotic state, I will guide you through the process of finding the lifetime you need healing from in order for you to release the negative emotions and behaviors presenting in this lifetime.

You will have time provided to help you process this life-changing information and new awareness. There will be break-out groups with coaches to help you continue the healing process from your regression.

Are you ready for a soul changing experience? We’d love to have you join us!

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