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How To Trust Your Intuition

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Gut feelings are also known as intuition. It’s that little voice inside that brings a call to action for you to know what direction to take in life that will serve you best. It can help you follow the path to your dreams!

Sometimes you may hear this voice in your head, which is described as your conscious mind. It reminds you of things you should have done, people you needed to connect with and places you have to go. Some think of this as their intuition, but it’s mostly that inner critic who frequently reminds you of things that aren’t done.

The intuition that I’m referring to is that quiet inner voice, not the loud one.

Most of the time, it is not even heard. It is FELT! It is felt deep down in your sixth chakra. Your chakras make up the energetic system around your body. When your chakras are in balance, life feels very manageable and wonderful. When there is an imbalance, it is evidenced by many things seeming “off” in your life.

Today, I’m speaking only of your sixth chakra. This is your intuitive chakra or your psychic channel often referred to as your ‘third eye’ located in the area right above the middle of your eyes near the forehead area. The function of this chakra is to allow you to experience and trust your own intuition, to see and feel your inner vision.

When you strengthen and re-energize your sixth chakra, you develop a stronger inner vision. You heighten your intuitive or psychic ability to know where you are going and what will be necessary for you to get there. The distinction lies in knowing if your sixth chakra is open AND balanced. When it is open, then you are able to trust your intuition. You will have the inner sight to know that you are on the right path because your intuitive feel is so clear. It is as if the path has been clearly lit on both sides for you to follow! If it is closed, then your intuitive senses will feel blocked. You may not trust your own intuition but refer to others to know best which path for you to follow. Not trusting and questioning your own decision-making can be the biggest tip that your sixth chakra is closed or unbalanced. There also may be a physical manifestation such as headaches or perhaps feeling confused at times.

So how do you open your sixth chakra? It is a crucial channel that feeds your intuition to your intellect in order to make good decisions. Here are some ideas to power up your intuitive center.

  • Visualize your third eye and imagine you are opening it with your hand. See it winking now instead of closed.

  • Take several deep breaths. Using both hands, place them on your forehead on your third eye and open it up fully. Envision it opening up to clearly see now.

  • Train your intellect to begin hearing your intuitive voice. Give it permission to do this in the form of a statement: “I am now ready to receive and hear my intuitive voice.”

  • Indigo is the color of the third eye. Find something of this color and either wear something of this color or hold a stone of this color as you do these exercises.

  • Imagine a ball of indigo light and bounce it on your third eye with your hands in the air above your eye. As you do this, repeat any of these affirmations that resonate with you:

  • I am intuitive.

  • I am knowing.

  • I am seeing and I am trusting.

  • I am on my spiritual path.

  • I have strong instincts.

  • I am guided and supported.

  • I am open and I am receiving.

  • I am listening to my intuitive self.

  • My intuition can be trusted.

  • I am a strong intuitive psychic being.

Envision a beam of light now coming out from your third eye. It is your intuitive light that can now guide you to the path and dreams in your future that is wonderful and glorious!

Do one or more of these exercises several times and you will feel the shift and balancing of your intuitive center!

You will be working with understanding and developing your center of intuition on this cruise. There are many interactive strategies to enhance this 6th chakra that is all knowing and which can become a major component of your spiritual journey in this lifetime.

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