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Meditating in Nature

About the Manifest Mind, Body & Spirit Connections Retreat

We would love to have you join us on this soul awakening journey with live presentations, small group soul work, daily teaching videos and group past-life regression, you too can create an awareness for yourself on what those reasons are that are intuitively calling to you. Are you ready?

Group PSR


Group Past-Life Regression

In a fully relaxed and meditative state, Petey will guide you through early childhood memories, back through the womb, and then into a previous lifetime that your soul yearns to remember. She will guide you through your own inner healing before you return to the present time. There will be time to journal your reflections and understandings from your past-life regression.


Meditation and Yoga

Each day you will receive a guided meditation specifically created for our participants that will allow your subconscious to integrate the daily soul learning. This will be your Wind Down with Sarah in the evenings. We will also be guiding you through morning yoga classes to integrate the mind, body & spirit connection. Please be sure to bring a yoga mat on the retreat. 


Understanding the Origin of Homeostasis

During this presentation and interactive exercise with Petey, you will explore the different components of homeostasis and how they are shaped from your family of origin roles. You will develop a new homeostasis that is crafted from this breakthrough awareness. This understanding will lead into Petey’s teachings on Soul Lessons.


The Purpose of Soul Lessons

After defining your new homeostasis, you will now be able to understand and identify your primary and secondary soul lessons. This will be the cornerstone of Wake Up with Petey! Each morning, you will receive an audio recording to the soul lesson of the day and this will allow you to integrate these teachings into your mind, body and soul connection.


The Power of the Unconcious Mind

Get ready to learn about the vital role our unconscious mind plays in manifesting your desires and how you can access this easily and effortlessly. During this presentation with Sarah, you will be guided through a visualization on your future timeline to set your intention for the retreat. 


Introduction to Past-Life Regression

With Petey you will understand the incredible tool of past-life regression and its undeniable healing benefits. This is further highlighted as Petey shares past-life regression healing stories from former clients that span 30 years of therapeutic practice. During  an interactive Q & A panel discussion with Petey and Sarah, all your most commonly asked questions on hypnosis and past-life regression will be answered. 


Creating the Shift with Core Transformation

This beautiful process offers a graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits, and achieve goals you thought unattainable. It is an experience of transforming rather than suppressing our intrusive thoughts and least-liked behaviors, by allowing them to move into their core state, like peace or wholeness. During this presentation, Sarah will guide you through a guided visualization to allow this process to naturally unfold. 


Develop, Encourage, and Train Your Intuition

In this talk, Petey will teach you 6 ways to identify and access your intuitive aptitude. You will then practice these skills learned through an interactive experience and begin to recognize your own unique intuitive abilities and gifts.

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Understanding homeostasis
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Past Retreat Testimonials

Petey and Sarah were phenomenal. They are a dynamic duo like none else. I personally cannot get enough of either one of them and just love being the recipient of their teachings.

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