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Experience a journey of deep soul connection, intimacy, authenticity, trust, and play. 

Amidst Costa Rica’s lush green jungle, we will cultivate a safe container for you both to explore the roots of disconnection, share vulnerable insights, build strength and security, and elevate your relationship to new depths. 

Costa Rica | May 13-18, 2024

In a fully relaxed and meditative state, Petey will guide you through early childhood memories, back through the womb, and then into a previous lifetime that your soul yearns to remember. She will guide you through your own inner healing before you return to the present time. There will be time to journal your reflections and understandings from your past-life regression.


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Group PSR
Meditating on the Beach


Each day you will receive a guided meditation specifically created for our participants that will allow your subconscious to integrate the daily soul learning. This will be your Wind Down with Sarah in the evenings. We will also be guiding you through morning yoga classes to integrate the mind, body & spirit connection. Please be sure to bring a yoga mat on the retreat. 

Meditation & Yoga


During this presentation and interactive exercise with Petey, you will explore the different components of homeostasis and how they are shaped from your family of origin roles. You will develop a new homeostasis that is crafted from this breakthrough awareness. This understanding will lead into Petey’s teachings on Soul Lessons.

Image by Mim. Sourena
Understanding homeostasis
Image by Umesh Soni


After defining your new homeostasis, you will now be able to understand and identify your primary and secondary soul lessons. This will be the cornerstone of Wake Up with Petey! Each morning, you will receive an audio recording to the soul lesson of the day and this will allow you to integrate these teachings into your mind, body and soul connection.

soul lessons


Get ready to learn about the vital role our subconscious mind plays in manifesting your desires and how you can access this easily and effortlessly. During this presentation with Sarah, you will be guided through a visualization on your future timeline to set your intention for the retreat. 

Image by Max
unconsious mind
Image by Romain Dancre


With Petey you will understand the incredible tool of past-life regression and its undeniable healing benefits. This is further highlighted as Petey shares past-life regression healing stories from former clients that span 30 years of therapeutic practice. During  an interactive Q & A panel discussion with Petey and Sarah, all your most commonly asked questions on hypnosis and past-life regression will be answered. 

intro PLR


With Sarah, you explore techniques like partner yoga, eye gazing - soul gazing, and perfect fit touch to deepen your mind, body, and soul connection.

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Image by Louis Hansel
Image by Alexander Grey

At its core, mirroring is about reflecting back to someone the emotions and experiences they are expressing, allowing them to feel heard and understood. When done effectively, mirroring can help deepen connections between people, build trust and empathy, and create a sense of mutual respect.


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Experiences & Activities 
included in your retreat

Blue Clay Waterfall Experience

Enjoy a guided experience with the native and natural blue clay, also known as 'healing clay' by our own waterfall on the property. The clay is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has over 60 different types of minerals in it. The clay has been used as a naturopathic remedy for various skin diseases, infections and other bodily ailments for centuries. 


Our guide will take your retreat group on a 10-12 min hike down to our waterfall located on our property. You will gather around the waterfall and your guide will tell you the story and properties of the clay, while preparing the bowls and brushes. You will help paint the clay on each other, and let it dry in the sun before washing it off in the waterfall and the river. 


Beyond Dance and Cacao Ceremony

Beyond Dance offers an inclusive and accessible free dance experience for people of all ages, genders, and ideologies, inspired by the global Ecstatic Dance movement. 


The main objective is to create a safe and reliable space where individuals can freely dance and release themselves emotionally, physically, and mentally from the ties of their daily routine and/or any past social or psychological traumas. Join us for a transformative journey of self-expression and liberation through dance. 

Sacred Beach Mandala

The beach mandala and sand labyrinth experience is one of our favorite, most sacred collaborations at Imiloa.


Michael creates a labyrinth and mandala just for you and your retreat. He then leads an exercise of engaging with all the senses and the art, including themes of trust, offerings, letting go and acknowledging the fleeting moments of time represented in the softness of sand and the beauty of the ocean waves that come up for high tide. The sun sets and ocean washes away the art. 


This experience is also a great beach vibe with music, food, swimming and chill time.

Our guide will take your retreat group on a 10-12 min hike down to our waterfall located on our property. You will gather around the waterfall and your guide will tell you the story and properties of the clay, while preparing the bowls and brushes. You will help paint the clay on each other, and let it dry in the sun before washing it off in the waterfall and the river. 

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Gourmet Conscious Cuisine

Enjoy healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all of our retreat guests.

Spa & Massage Treatment + Juice Bar!

Hot Stone, Hand and Foot Reflexology, and full body deep tissue massages are available in addition to your free welcome massage! Enjoy unlimited access to the Juice Bar!

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Testimonials from past retreats

"I came into this retreat looking for connection and clarity and that is exactly what I got. This was the most supportive, encouraging and empowering group of I have ever met."

"My favorite part of this retreat was just being submerged in the healing space that was opened to us…The past-life regression with Petey was powerful, and I had a deep emotional release and connected with the unconditional love of my soul."

"It's been almost 1 month since the retreat and what I felt during this session is still with me... a sense of contentment and peace, of knowing more about who I am and why I am here. I was amazed and walked away from the weekend recharged... with more compassion and clarity than I've had in years."

"The overall experience of the Sat Nam retreat was in one word, Inspiring. Each experience was like a treat for your soul"

"This was a very powerful, transformative and overall great retreat! Petey and Sarah did such a great job of assembling and bringing everything together. Not only did I love this experience but sharing it with 16 other powerful women made it that much more special."

"Petey and Sarah were phenomenal. They are a dynamic duo like none else. I personally cannot get enough of either one of them and just love being the recipient of their teachings."

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