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Heal Your Past to Awaken and Align Your Soul’s Purpose in this Lifetime.

Join Petey Silveira and Sarah Burnett for a soul-nourishing experience at the NEXT Manifest Mind, Body, & Spirit Connections Retreat! 2024 dates announcement coming soon!

Receive a FREE mini audio meditation collection from Petey! And get notified when the next retreat is announced.

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About the Manifest Mind, Body & Spirit Connections Retreat

We would love to have you join us on this soul awakening journey with live presentations, small group soul work, daily teaching videos and group past-life regression, you too can create an awareness for yourself on what those reasons are that are intuitively calling to you. Are you ready?

Group Past-Life Regression

Meditation and Yoga

Understanding the Origin of Homeostasis

The Purpose of
Soul Lessons

The Power of the Unconscious Mind

Introduction to
Past-Life Regression

Creating the Shift with Core Transformation

Develop, Encourage, and Train Your Intuition

The Soul Journey's Experience 

Get ready for a journey of a lifetime as you learn to honor the eternal light within you fully!

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The Elements of Soul Journeys

Explore the elements that make up the Manifest Mind, Body & Spirit Connections Retreat!

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About Petey & Sarah

Meet Your Retreats Hosts!



Community is a big part of everything we do. See what others have to say!

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Individual Coaching Sessions

NOW is your chance to learn from two top experts in the field before or after your retreat!

Past-Life or Between Lifetimes Regression with Petey

Book an individual Past-Life or Between Lifetimes Regression with Petey before or after the cruise. Virtually or in person $1300. (3+ hrs with transcription)

Spiritual Coaching Session with Petey

Book an individual spiritual coaching session with Petey-Virtually or in person $375/hr.