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COSTA RICA | MAY 13 - 18, 2024
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Join us for a transformational

Couples Retreat Experience

in the Costa Rican Jungle

A 6-day immersive couple’s retreat with your hosts, Petey and Sarah, for you and your partner to remember and revitalize your love through transformational healing modalities.

Group Past-Life Regression

Meditation and Yoga

Understanding the Origin of Homeostasis

The Purpose of Soul Lessons

The Power of the Sub Conscious Mind

Introduction to Past-Life Regression

Thai Bodywork and Intimacy

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Soul Journeys Retreats is designed as a fully inclusive and individually crafted wellness experience.

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All Soul Journeys Retreat Guests Will Receive:

  • Gourmet plant-based meals (all inclusive)

  • Workshops led by Petey & Sarah

  • Yoga classes & guided meditations

  • A 1-hour massage treatment at the spa

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Blueclay Waterfall Experience, and the Sacred Beach Mandala Experience

  • A beach excursion to nearby beach

  • Private plane transfers from SJO airport to Imiloa’s landing strip and all-inclusive ground transportation

  • Access to a waterfall, river and miles of jungle paths for relaxation, meditation and exploration


Special Limited Time OFFER!


*($500 per couple) for the first 5 couples.

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Embark on your

custom-crafted wellness journey.

Meet Your Hosts

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and Experience



About the Retreat

A transformational six-day journey at a 5-Star Retreat Center in Dominical Costa Rica where the mountain meets the ocean and luxury accommodations. Awaken your soul with live presentations, small group soul work, group past-life regression, and much more.

Re-create your story, according to your highest potential and authentic purpose.

This immersive experience has been designed with the intention to support and guide you and your partner through a journey of deep soul connection, intimacy, authenticity, trust and play. Amidst Costa Rica’s lush green jungle, we will cultivate a safe container for you both to explore the roots of disconnection, share vulnerable insights, build strength and security, and elevate your relationship to new depths. 

Embrace life’s challenges, for they hold the keys to soul growth.


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Petey and Sarah were phenomenal. They are a dynamic duo like none else. I personally cannot get enough of either one of them and just love being the recipient of their teachings.


Deepen your bond and invite new ways to experience love and security.

Throughout the retreat, you will experience beautiful somatic-based practices of yoga, Thai bodywork, embodied movement and breathwork. As licensed mental health therapists, Petey and Sarah will teach masterclasses on how to reignite your bond and understand your soul contract, facilitate integration circles, and guide you into elevated states of consciousness through hypnosis, past-life regression and meditation. If you’re seeking a transformational healing experience with your partner, trust your intuition and join us in Costa Rica for the opportunity to revitalize your heart’s connection. Your future self will thank you.

Trust in the journey, for every step has its purpose.


I came into this retreat looking for connection and clarity and that is exactly what I got. This was the most supportive, encouraging and empowering group of I have ever met.

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The Venue

Immerse yourself in a 22-acre jungle oasis located in Dominical, Costa Rica. Imiloa is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, and is just a short 15-minute ride from the beach. It offers the perfect setting for experiencing deep healing while being embraced by nature, all in the comfort of luxurious accommodations. We like to call it JungleLuxury.

During your stay at Imiloa, you can revel in the beauty of nature paths, indulge in the serenity of a private waterfall, relax by the shared infinity pool that offers breathtaking forest and ocean views, and of course, savor the culinary delights of gourmet plant-based meals meticulously crafted by the expert Imiloa chefs.

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